2016 Flying PIG Pump N' Run Events April 29th, 30th and May 1st!


NOTE:  Results throughout the weekend will be posted at the following web site:  www.runningtime.net 

It is not too late to register on-site for the Half and Full Marathon Pump N' Run, at the Duke Energy Center until 4PM Saturday Afternoon, April 30th. 

We will be having Pump N' Run Events for the 5K, 10K, HALF and FULL Marathon in 2016.  For registration, go online to the Flying PIG Site, and register for the race you want to run, then select the Pump N' Run Option, for that same race (i.e. if you will run the 5K, register for the 5K run, and select the Pump N' Run 5K option.... if you will run the Half Marathon, sign up for the Half Marathon Run and select the Pump N' Run Half, etc.).  The Flying PIG Site is at: http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com/

Here is how it works... prior to running the event, you will bench press a percentage of your bodyweight, based upon your Age and Gender, and for each Bench Press Repetition, you will get 30 seconds off your run time (5K and 10K), or 2 minutes off your run time (Half and Full Marathon).  The winner has the lowest Net Run-Time (i.e. run-time less the bench press time reduction).  The Bench Press weight is lighter, for the Half and Full Marathon Events.

There are "Pump-Club" Medals awarded for how many bench press repetitions you achieve (i.e. 30-Pump Club "Gold", 20-Pump Club "Silver", and 10 Pump Club "Bronze").  On the Left Hand Tool Bar select "LIFT CHARTS" to determine your Bench Press Weight, and also select "LIFT RULES".

In addition to online registration, Same Day Registration is allowed at the following times and locations!  To register, you must first register with the Flying PIG and get your race number, then come to our location in the lobby and register for the Pump N' Run (enter the main doors at the Duke Energy Center and go left... continue down the hall, and we are on the left hand side in the lobby!).


FRI, April 29th, Noon to 2PM and 5 to 8PM (5K, 10K, Half, Full Mar.).... Duke Energy Center

Sat, April 30th, 7 to 9AM (5K-Only)... Lord's Gym Covington, 811 Madison Ave, Covington KY, 41011

Saturday, May 2nd, 10:30AM to 4:30PM (Half and Full)... Duke Energy Center

NOTE:  You must present your Race Number to Lift (No Exceptions).  Also, the Flying PIG Desk closes at 7PM Friday Night.  So if you want to lift Friday Night, between 7 and 8PM, you must pick up your race number before 7PM!!

We're gonna have a blast!  See you soon :-)

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